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Rossa Cycles is a Dublin based bicycle company designing and building beach cruisers for city streets.

Our design philosophy focuses on comfort, style and minimalist practicality. Our beach cruisers are distinguished by their relaxed upright riding position, sleek lines and rugged components.​

The company was founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2018 by Fearghal Rossa but the idea was born on the remote Indonesian island of Gili Trawangan in 2014.

"Back in 2014 I was working on the small island of Gili Trawangan in Indonesia. Bicycles were the only method of transportation allowed on the Island. This is where I first encountered the classic beach cruiser. It may have been a rusty rental showing its age but the riding position, comfort and style were like nothing I had experienced from a bike before. Simply put, I had never enjoyed riding a bike so much.

When commuting on a 'normal bike' just won't do it. 

When I returned to Dublin I began commuting on a 'normal bike'  with 21 gears, disc brakes, suspension and all the other bells and whistles. It looked fancy but felt wrong. I was bent over the frame like a shrimp with my neck permanently crimped to see where I was going. I only ever used two of the 21 gears, not that they all worked anyway. I was forever getting flats with the skinny tires and despite the suspension I felt every bump on the road. If you've cycled in Dublin before you will know that's a lot.

Fed up with this impractical bike I imported a beach cruiser from California and once again I was enjoying care free cycling. I was surprised to find this style of riding was quite suited to urban cycling. However, The beach cruiser in question was designed for sandy flat paths and it wasn't long until the streets of Dublin took their toll. It creaked as it moved, wheels began to stiffen and the pedals even fell off. 

The Evolution of the Rossa Bicycle - Beach Collection, the most comfortable bike you'll ever ride.

I wanted to keep the bike’s humble simplicity but I knew it had to be changed to fit its new home. I began working on it, adding higher spec components and new parts.

"As I transformed my beach cruiser in the workshop it began turning heads on the streets. Strangers and friends were asking where I had got it from, drivers would even hold up traffic to ask me. I let people test ride it and I always got positive feedback from them".

- Fearghal Rossa, FOUNDER of Rossa Cycles

Since it's first road test, people have approached us looking to ride the Rossa!

Passion brought us here.

This little personal project was bigger than I imagined. A passion grew in me and I decided to start Rossa Cycles so that I could share that feeling of small island bliss with the people of Dublin.

It wasn't easy though. After making little modifications by changing components I came to the conclusion that to survive Dublin this bike would need a whole new frame design.

The Evolution of the Rossa Collection - Beach Cruiser. 

I sourced a never ending list of components using countless air miles. I attended 6 trade shows and 11 factory tours. I worked with 3 graphic designers and built 5 different prototypes. After 4 years of hard work and a lot of help from my family, friends and other cycling nuts I finally completed a finished design of a single speed and three speed beach cruiser that was city compatible.

Fearghal Rossa.

Founder and creator of Rossa Cycles

Rossa Cycles

Making Bicycles with a human focus
Fearghal Rossa
Fearghal Rossa
Founder of Rossa Cycles