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Remember when cycling was fun?

Rossa Cycles is a Dublin based bicycle company designing and building beach cruisers for city streets.

It’s pure recreational cycling.

Welcome to cycling for fun. Welcome to wanting to take the long way home.

Why Ride a Rossa?

  • The bicycle reimagined

    It’s a bike you cycle because you want to enjoy the journey. The bike will make it a journey you will enjoy.

  • Comfort

    The Rossa Beach Cruiser Collection is the most comfortable bike ride you've ever had.

  • Elegance

    Life is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy the ride and look good doing it!

  • Designed for life

    The Rossa Collection Beach Cruiser is designed for contemporary living. A bike that will travel with you through different stages of life.

The Rossa Beach Cruiser

Re-awaken the love of cycling

  • Beach Cruiser

    This bike isn't just for enriching your daily commute. The Rossa is designed for exploration

  • Intuitive Design

    The frame is designed to keep your body properly aligned in an upright position reducing pressure on your back, wrists and shoulders.

  • Low Maintenance

    With its stripped back design this bike is ideal for those who don't want to service always be bringing in for repair.

  • Comfort

    This bike has comfort at it's heart. Rediscover a love for cycling and feel good while doing it

Intuitive design

Built with comfort as a priority, the sleek aluminium frame is designed to keep your body properly aligned in an upright position reducing pressure on your back, wrists and shoulders.

The pedal position is shifted forward to give you full leg extension and reduce pressure on your hips, knees and ankles.

Balloon tyres combined with a shock absorbing dual sprung memory foam saddle make for a smooth ride as you roll over uneven roads and crumbling cycle lanes.

The Rossa Collection - Beach Cruiser, the comfiest bike you'll ever ride!

Go Anywhere

Enjoy the bespoke limited edition stripped back design of the Rossa Collection - Beach Cruiser bicycle.

When did cycling has become complicated? With the advent of competitive bike racing, cycling became less about enjoying cycling and a more about speed.

The Rossa is pushing against this and bringing comfort, reliability, adventure and fun back into the fold!

Look good too

We bring our trademark style and comfort to our clothing line.

Check out our classic threads embossed with the iconic Poolbeg Chimneys.

Why Ride a Rossa?

Intuitive Design
Limited Edition
Fast Delivery
Custom Service
Secure Payments
30 Day Returns

Happy Riders

Am beyond delighted with my Rossa cycle. Not only does it look great but the quality is superb and it's a dream to cycle. Fearghal is an absolute pro when it comes to his bikes and he offers a fantastic service, as well as being a genuinely lovely guy. I couldn't recommend enough.

- Caoimhe H

My bike was the love from the first sight: sleek immaculate design, most comfortable seat, pedal breaks! I do enjoy my ride every minute, wether rushing to work in the morning or cruising with kids around the city. Friendly service and quick delivery 🖤

- Maria Y

The comfort of the upright position, soft saddle and strong frame matched with bulky but smooth wheels, which make the bumpy roads of Dublin seem like clouds... oh, and the coaster breaks, easy to use!

- Michael Collins

Great bike for a Sunday cruise down by the coast or for getting around the city with ease and style. Very Comfortable and would highly recommend snapping one of these up!

- Jim O Flanagan

Really pleased with the purchase. Very unique design and perfect for city cruising. Service is very fast. I ordered mine online and received it at my door the following day.

- James Hogan

Cycling a 'normal' bike after riding one of these feels like a chore. I've had this bike for 2 months now and I'm still looking for longer ways to cycle home from work.

- Shane O'Leary